Friday, January 12, 2007

More goodies!

I was checking out some of the forums that I posted my Captain America sketch on and the majority of the critiques out there focussed on the incorrect visual of Cap's shield. Y'know...I'm always one for detail and Cap's shield did bother me but initially, I wasn't going to edit my quick sketch for the sake of being accurate. It was a quick sketch, drawn in the confines of a seat on a crowded morning-rush Go Train. But reading the critiques made me want to change the shield even more. So here it is! In the meantime here's another sketch that I finished off today:

I remember the first time I tried drawing Wolverine...soooo long ago. Man, I really sucked! I think what really did it for me was the fact that I couldn't draw Wolvie's mask! Especially those absurd ears! At an early age I kept thinking there must have been some formula, some guideline to drawing this guy's weirdo mask. But the more I drew him the more i understood his costume...and it helped that Marvel sent me a 3 view of our favorite canucklehead. As for his claws, I 'm not too fond of the mini-samurai sword style. And neither his curved claws. I like a little combination of both. I found Wolvies claws as shown in the X-Movies were perfect. And the sound?! What the heck is Snikt?! I thought the X-films had Wolvie's claw sound effects just right. When I read that his claws go "Snikt"'s not doing them justice. Just food for thought.

Also, I've been opening up requests for sketches on forums such as, and I'm really going to try to challenge myself this year. I've found that simply drawing things that I want to draw doesn't cut it anymore. It's monotonous and unchallenging. So this is the first request that I got: Destiny. I have absolutely no idea who this character is but suffice to say, he was interesting to draw. Again, this was done as a quick sketch.

I've been trying to get my pencils done faster so that I can adopt a looser form of sketching. Also it really helped to sketch with an HB mechanical pencil, instead of the usual 2H leadholder that I use for drawing my comic panels. Anyhoo, I'll have more stuff up soon...

God Bless!



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Hey i'm interested in drawing comic sketches as well i'm 17 and i used to draw alot when i was younger and kind of did it less and less through my teen years, i started up again, what i've noticed is i'm really good when i look at something to draw it (although trying to practice your wolverine sketch is difficult for me lol) i have a few of spawn from image comics and deadpool recently that i've done but i was just wondering if you could send me some tips or advice on how to practice drawing from my head and how to stay motivated when difficult drawings are frustrating me. you can email me at thanks in advance!

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