Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snake Eyes

Geez, it's been over a year since my last post...where did all the time go?! Well, I've got a bunch of sketches coming down the pipeline so hopefully this will make up for lost time. I was scoping out the internet and found a sneak peek pic of Ray Park as Snake Eyes in the new GI Joe movie that's supposed to come out next year (?). Gotta say it looks pretty cool. Kinda wished that Destro had the metal head, tho. And Marlon Wayans?! I'm not entirely sure if that was a good call...but hey, let's see how the trailer turns out.

Okay, back to Snake Eyes...I did this rough sketch but found that I wanted to take it a little further. I remember watching a couple of my friends sketching at some cons waaay back and decided to give it a try. Before I hit pencil or in this case, ink to paper I had to pick up some extra supplies. Right now my current tools of choice are Faber Castell Pitt artist brush pens, Pilot DR Drawing pens, ShinHan Art Touch double-tip markers and a Pentel fine point correction pen. So to get this sketch done, I start with a light (but pretty messy) sketch and then I use a kneaded eraser to lighten up my lines to use as a base for my ink lines. I used to rely on non-repro blue but found that it messes up my art. Next, I start with the Pilot DR (at this point, I'm scared to death...I've tried inking my work in the past with disastrous results) and then use a black Pitt brush pen to fill in my blacks and add depth to some of my lines. Then it's off to graytone Pitt brush pens and Touch markers to layer on my tones. After all is said and done, my finishing touch is a correction pen to add highlights. Pretty happy with the results so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how this will impact my work.


Blogger E Johnson said...

Can I use your sketch as a base for a pumpkin pattern? personal use only. I will send you pictures :) I used the original packaging for my storm shadow design, but I cannot find a battle ready pose I like for snake eyes. I will also send you pics of my storm shadow

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