Tuesday, September 02, 2008

By Grapthar's...err...Thor's Hammer!!

Had a great labour day weekend with the family...aside from a unsuccessful attempt to get to the CNE and almost getting a traffic ticket for my trouble (don't ask). Also got to spend some more time working on drywalling the basement, which by the way, is looking great so far. But I have to say this...drywalling ceilings is absolutely nuts! My body literally aches afterwards literally everytime...I'm getting too old.

So, on to the sketch...I've been meaning to try sketching out Thor but I was a little hung up on whether I should try the current version (aka Coipel's masterpiece) or the Ultimates' version. I chose the latter as you can see...I probably won't do the other version any justice, especially compared to Coipel's pencils. I was going to add some lightning on the hammer but I got lazy. Enjoy the sketch!

God bless!



Blogger Cap A said...

Dear Alex,

I'm a Belgian fan of comics, and I saw a sample of your art in "Rough Stuff". It impressed me a lot. I'd like to contact you for a request. Would you be so kind to drop me a line at: dleonar1@kcc.com .
I'm looking forward to read you. Best. DOMINIQUE

1:59 AM  

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