Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in the saddle...again.

Been a while again...I am a wretch. :P Well, things couldn't be busier. I wrapped up a digital art piece for UDON's Darkstalkers Tribute artbook not too long ago. It was quite fun to do since it was the very first time that I actually digitally inked and added colour to my work! Sorry, guys, I can't post it yet until the book's actually released but sufficed to say, I really surprised myself with the final result. As for UDON's previous Street Fighter Tribute and Art of Capcom artbooks, my contributions were a simple graytone digital pieces. For the "inks" in those pieces I simply darkened and cleaned up my scanned pencils. As shown below:



Personally, I'm not too happy with the Art of Capcom piece but it was my first time digitally inking and adding photoshop graytones/effects. Overall, working digitally has been a blast and I'm looking forward to migrating towards Painter but I'm itching to get back into my pencils and inks again. I'll have more sketches/artwork up soon but in the meantime, I'm keeping busy with some comic illustration for self-promotional purposes. Here's a sneak peek:

One final note, all my sketches and artwork are available for sale and I am available for commission work. Email me for details.

God bless!